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Donna Francisca (Sold)
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 Shelterdeck Ship Models and Publishing: FREE download, available here:   {LINK}
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 Friday, 24th March, 2017

I am pleased to announce that  issue Nr. 7 of The Shelterdeck is now available as a download.  This issue is 16 pages in length, with 27 illustrations. Please click the image below, and scroll down to read the full synopsis. Then, if you wish to purchase a download, a Paypal button is provided for £1.49.
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The Shelterdeck (Index)
I have now completed an index for the first six issues.   It is three pages in length, and is avalable FREE OF CHARGE, via this link: {LINK} 
Sunday, 26th March, 2017.
The side stanchions and some rails have now been fitted to both sides of the after accommodation.    I have also made the funnel, and given it the initial undercoat.
Imperial Star 26th March, 2017
 Thursday, 9th March, 2017.   Imperial Star.
This link is to an image of the Imperial Star:
I have been side-tracked by other activities lately, but have started moving again.     I am currently working on the bridge section, and will soon have some update images.   Having been away from ship modelling for several months now, I find I am a bit out of practice, but am quickly getting back into it again.   Spring is definitely in the air, and the bright dry weather is allowing me to get more of the work done outside
I again ask site visitors to refrain from indicating a desire to purchase it before it is completed.    When that happens with  models under construction, they begin to feel like private commissions.    I prefer to work at my own speed without any feelings of commitment.   
The hull has now been smoothed and painted

The Shelterdeck (Downloads)
(General maritime and shipmodelling articles and notes).

Links to all four issues, as follows:
The Shelterdeck, Issue 1.  (Free of charge).
The Shelterdeck, Issue 2.  (£1.49).

The Shelterdeck,  Issue 3., (£1.49). 
The Shelterdeck, Issue 4. (£1.49).
The Shelterdeck, Issue 5. (£1.49).
The Shelterdeck, Issue 6. (£1.49).
 By clicking the links, you are not committed to purchase, but may read the synopsis.   Then, if you wish to go ahead and purchase, a Paypal button is provided for £1.49.    When the front page opens, scroll down to read the synopsis.
All the model ships on this website were hand-built by myself, using any materials that came to hand.        They are NOT kits!     This type of model shipbuilding has virtually died out now, with most modellers preferring kits.       The models are built to small scales, usually 32 feet to 1 inch (1:384), or slightly largers scale for smaller ships.       Modellers will often state "I could never do that," and there the matter rests!     They are not, however, all that difficult when special modelling techniques are used.    For some time now, I have been putting these techniques into various downloads for prices that range from £1.49 for the shorter ones of 15 or so pages, up to £8 for the comprehensive ones that contain over 150 pages with hundreds of illustrations, and several "free" downloads thrown in, to allow you to decide if you like the style, or not.       The synopsis of these downloads may be viewed by clicking on the links supplied.   Then, if you wish to purchase any particular download, a Paypal button is available in the synopsis.    The system is fully automatic, and you will receive a download link the moment that payment is made.     The downside for most modellers is the fact that over 99% of my models are of merchant ships.     I find them rather more interesting and colourful than warships, but the techniques may be used for whatever type of vessel you may wish to build.      The download summary is given further down this website.   
Here are the Free downloads: 
{LINK} (Issue 1 of The Shelterdeck).
{LINK} (Building the barque East African).  
{LINK}  (A Deck Scoring Device).

Here are some examples of my work:
Braemar Castle (Sold)
Loch Torridon (Sold)

Kenya (Sold)
Carmania (Sold)
Lochranza Castle (Sold)