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RMS St. Helena etc

RMS St. Helena Plans & photographs download: 
It contains profile, general arrangement deck plans and a lines plan for the hull.   Click this link, and scroll down a bit  to view synopsis {LINK}
Then, if you wish to purchase a download, a Paypal button for £2.99 is provided!  
Thank you to all that have purchased this download so far - it was a pleasure to write, as it covers my favourite ship, in which I spent 11 years!
Contents of Download (Click image to enlarge)
 Saturday, 2nd September, 2017

Issue 2 of  The Shelterdeck (New Series), is now available.    Please click the image below, and scroll down to read the synopsis.    Then, if you wish to purchase a download, a Paypal button is provided for £1.49.      In the new series, the pages follow on consecutively from the start of issue 1, which was 16 pages in length.     This latest issue is pages 17 to 32, and includes an index for both 1 and 2.   When issue three comes out, it will commence at page 33, and also have an updated index.     I did discontinue this download series recently, owing to a general lack of interest in the merchant navy, either in ship models, or historical articles.      Several readers expressed their dismay at this, and after a while, I realised that I actually enjoyed compiling them, so I started this second, "improved" series.      The improvements are the removal of  the repeated preambles from each separate issue, and the change to consecutive page numbers, and the addition of an on-going index page that supersedes earlier indexes that may be discarded without upsetting the page numbering.       It now has a regular readership of about twelve people, spread over the world.    I am not going to say that I am producing it for future generations, because it is unlikely they will be interested in anything such as the history or the construction of model merchant ships, whose sole purpose was peaceful trading across the oceans of the world.    I am writing it for my own satisfaction, and the pleasure of my small band of readers who do seem to be steadily increasing.       Each issue contains at least one plan of a merchant ship, and various ship model shipbuilding  notes, as well as historical articles.    For about ten years, between 1999 and 2009, I ran a monthly column in The Telegraph, the monthly paper of Numast, the merchant navy and airline officers union.   At that time, I was building between twelve and fourteen miniature scratchbuilt ship models per year, and also writing regularly for the Model Shipwright journal.     By 2009, I was no longer producing enough models in a year to maintain the monthly column in the Telegraph, so I resigned from it.      Model Shipwright changed from a quarterly  journal to an annual one in 2010, producing very high quality hardback books in the form of  Shipwright 2010, 2011,2012, and 2013.   But after Shipwright 2013 came out, they called it a day and ceased the publication.      Having got into the habit of regular writing, I finally realised that I may as well carry on - whether anyone was interested or not!    These downloads were not suitable for the first generation of e-readers as they were too small, but they are fine for the much larger tablets and, of course, computers.      They are not stuck in the device that you download them into, but may be transferred from PC to tablet, at will.    Alternatively, they may be printed to form an A4 sized book.     At £1.49, about the price of a cup of coffee, and usually about 16 pages in length, I believe that I am giving good value.    Each issue takes me about 7 hours to prepare!     In these publications, I tend to keep clear of the well-worn subjects of Cutty Sark, Bounty, Victory, Titanic, Nelson's Navy, warships, ferries, and small harbour craft!    Here is the link for Issue 2.   Click image to enlarge:
The Shelterdeck, Issue 2 content

All the model ships on this website were hand-built by myself, using any materials that came to hand.        They are NOT kits!     This type of model shipbuilding has virtually died out now, with most modellers preferring kits.       The models are built to small scales, usually 32 feet to 1 inch (1:384), or slightly largers scale for smaller ships.       Modellers will often state "I could never do that," and there the matter rests!     They are not, however, all that difficult when special modelling techniques are used.    For some time now, I have been putting these techniques into various downloads for prices that range from £1.49 for the shorter ones of 15 or so pages, up to £8 for the comprehensive ones that contain over 150 pages with hundreds of illustrations, and several "free" downloads thrown in, to allow you to decide if you like the style, or not.       The synopsis of these downloads may be viewed by clicking on the links supplied.   Then, if you wish to purchase any particular download, a Paypal button is available in the synopsis.    The system is fully automatic, and you will receive a download link the moment that payment is made.     The downside for most modellers is the fact that over 99% of my models are of merchant ships.     I find them rather more interesting and colourful than warships, but the techniques may be used for whatever type of vessel you may wish to build.      The download summary is given further down this website.   
Here are the Free downloads: 
{LINK} (Issue 1 of The Shelterdeck).

{LINK}  (A Deck Scoring Device). 
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